Try Tritius Tritius is a new generation information cataloging system. It's well designed for record keeping of any items (physical or electronic) in any collection. Tritius is also full library system. It's follower of the system Clavius - the most widely used library system in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Tritius connects readers, libraries and content providers in the best way to support ongoing transformation of libraries into cultural centers allowing experience of information in order to increase information literacy throughout society. (Whole vision ...)


01.11.2019 Last month, we completed certification for ISO 27001 of our company - an information security management system, which was a tangible basis for our information security efforts in all company processes.
03.12.2018 We launched Tritius in 10 Trenčín Regions in a common regional system.
12.10.2018 The Library Service Center of Chomutov switched to the Tritius library system.
27.08.2018 Spišská knižnica in Spišská Nová Ves migrated to the Tritius system by converting from Libris system. 30.07.2018 City library Plzeň successfully migrated to the new library system Tritius..
13.07.2018 We published an overview of the system's service and maintenance policies depending on the licensing model.
28.05.2018 City library Olomouc successfully migrated to the new library system Tritius..
22.05.2018 We presented Tritius as a 3rd generation library system for universities at the conference EUNIS 2018 (only Czech language).
30.10.2017 Strong wind that has swept over the Czech Republic has unfortunatelly affected our libraries operating library system on their own servers. All libraries that host Tritius on our servers can use the system today without worries.
18.10.2017 We travel throughout the Czech Republic and present new system, its main benefits and visions - here map of Roadshow 2017.
16.10.2017 New REKS centers Česká Lípa a Kutná Hora are already in operation.
19.09.2017 City library Česká Lípa successfully migrated to the new library system Tritius.
13.09.2017 We presented a new open portal Central Acquisition for all Czech libraries at the conference Current libraries 2017 in Olomouc (Czech Republic).
22.08.2017 Our company has automatically become a VAT payer after exceeding the statutory annual turnover.
17.07.2017 Tritius allows readers to make payments through the online payment gateway.
24.05.2017 The first meeting of customers of system Tritius took place in Brno
20.04.2017 We have first library with Tritius in Slovakia - Lipany City Library.
01.03.2017 We started with the development of the new library portal Metis.
15.01.2017 New company Tritius Solutions a.s. takes over sales of the system Tritius.
03.01.2017 Updated Terms and Conditions for SaaS contain division to three service levels.
05.12.2016 City libraries Kolín and Nymburk successfully migrated to the new library system Tritius.
24.11.2016 We finished traveling around the Czech Republic where we presented in 14 cities in detail Tritius, its main benefits and further vision.
04.10.2016 Library Klatovy has moved to the system Tritius as a web service including site libraries.
19.09.2016 ŠKODA AUTO University in Mladá Boleslav has moved to the library system Tritius from Relief system.
07.09.2016 We presented the future of the library system Tritius at the conference Current libraries in Olomouc (Czech Republic).
01.09.2016 The web catalog Tritius allows lending e-books of
12.07.2016 New York University in Prague has moved to the library system Tritius as a service (SaaS).
18.07.2016 Library Chodov has moved to the system Tritius.
15.06.2016 We introduced new video during general meeting of SKIP in Hradec Králové new video.
30.05.2016 University library VŠUP Prague belonging to UMPRUM has moved successfully to library system Tritius.
21.04.2016 Written about us - City Library of Kolín allows self-service borrowing and returning books.
31.03.2016 After our presentation to Mrs. Římanová of ÚISK: "I really like Tritius, congratulations.".
21.03.2016 We added to the website what you are interested the most - licensing models, open system a data ownership and backups.
14.03.2016 Most City Library has moved successfully to new library system Tritius.
11.03.2016 Tritius as a service (SaaS) is already used in 16 libraries.
01.02.2016 Tritis is now Open System and therefore it allows easy connection with its environment.
05.01.2016 You can follow all changes in new version at public Change Log

Key features

Web application

Tritius is web application. It means you can use it on every device with regular internet browser.

Your users don't need to install anything. Your administrator configures system on your server once for everyone or it can run on our servers.

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Web catalog

Web catalog (OPAC 2.0), provides your data in modern way to the selected users and to the public.

Catalog allows searching in your collections, sorting, filtering, exporting, sharing at social networks and many others.

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It doesn't matter what collection you have. Tritius will adopt to it. You will choose how the data will be stored.

Whether you have books, e-resources, contracts, pictures, beetles or model cars in your collection, Tritius will satisfy your needs.

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User interface

Despite Tritius is web based, the user interface is fully comparable to desktop applications and in many ways it exceeds them by its ergonomy.

User interface is based on the latest technologies which allowed making it really user-friendly.

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Tritius can deal with documents from all over the world. Unicode is system for unified storing of all characters.

Earlier catalogs could work only with national languages. Now you can use all alphabets including Cyrillic, Hebrew or Chinese.

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Tritius can be fully configured according to organization structure including workplaces, departments or locations.

Whether you have small collection in one workplace or huge collection around the world, you will never have disorder in your data.

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