Open Tritius

We support the idea of open systems. Tritius is an open system that allows connection to other systems and data sources to the extent that is often not usual even for Open Source systems.

We believe that the model when we guarantee functionality and quality of the common interface also in a long period of time is the best for all parties involved. This avoids the situation when some non-standard and undocumented connection stops working after you deploy a new version of any system in the library and nobody is responsible for caused troubles. On the other hand, we do not close the system, we protect customer data and it's only his will how to deal with them and to whom it will be available.

Open Tritius represents a rich feature set and interfaces designed for communication and data exchange with its environment and any other tools that will enable users of the system interconnection with other systems and data sources.

Current status of Open Tritius set:

Component State
Tritius WS Beta version
Tritius Harvester Beta version
NCIP Ready
OAI Provider / Harverster  Ready
Z39.50 Server Ready
Z39.50 Client Ready

Tritius WS

Module of modern REST web services through which you can call selected Tritius functions useful for interconnection with other systems. These include functions of acquisition, cataloging, circulation and statistics. We especially expect use for central portals for libraries.
Brief overview of supported areas:
  • Circulation: loans, returns, renews, ...
  • Acquisition: returning the state of items including orders by ISBN, integration with contractors, ...
  • Cataloging: creation of work based on XML set, returning work IDs, sharing records (for example student works with other universities), ...
  • Web catalog: adding selected work to favorite items based on ID (and more API for web portals)

Tritius Harvester

This module ensures automatic downloading and indexing records from any remote sources.
You can easily incorporate new resource just by configuration. After harvesting and indexing of metadata, it becomes a part of search results on the web catalog of Tritius.


Module providing support for international communication protocol NCIP is especially suitable for self-service devices such as SelfCheck.

It also represents a useful standard interface for online retrieval of data from the system Tritius (eg. the availability of documents library). It allows you to call some active operations of the system in standard way described in this International standard.