Tritius connects readers, libraries and content providers in the best way to support transformation of libraries into cultural centers allowing experience of information in order to increase information literacy throughout society.

The library is not anymore used only to obtain information and modern libraries are a very aware of it. Libraries are becoming educational and cultural centers for meeting people with a desire for lifelong learning. Readers of libraries are involved in the creation of content and the library is rather in the role of moderator.

Role of the library

The role of libraries in the information society is significantly shifted from simply providing information to provide trustworthy information, "experience" of it, common sharing and discussion. The information is usually easily available and readers often don't need a library to acquire it, but the library is still a place that offers unique advantages.
Tritius is a system which is ready to support a new role of the library in the following areas:
  1. The library is a provider of information literacy.
  2. The library is a provider of information "experience".
  3. The library is a provider of credible information.
  4. The library is a provider of the place for meeting and sharing.
To support these roles of libraries we are preparing a completely new modules and functionalities which you can already look forward to.